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How can you hardly use oil when frying?
How can you hardly use oil when frying?

If you fry food in sunflower oil, then during the frying process, aldehydes, amides and radicals of polymeric fatty acids, ketones will be released. All of these are harmful and life-threatening substances. Moreover, they stand out not only during the smoke of oil, but also during moderate frying.

Toxins entering the body destroy the nervous system and liver, penetrate the mucous membrane of the eyes and respiratory tract, causing cancer ..

Scientists recommend using vegetable oils only for salad dressing, where strong heating is not required. For frying, ghee and lard are better suited.

If you still use vegetable oil, then it is better to do it wisely. I minimize damage to health.

What do you need?

Sprayer (can be used from under the detergents for windows, rinsing thoroughly in water and vinegar. But it is better to buy a new one).
Fill a sprayer with oil and gently grease a frying pan or baking sheet with the stove off. Over time, you will notice that you use 2-3 times less oil.

By the way, if you spray oil in this way on a salad or ready-made dish, it will look much more appetizing.