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How to prolong the life of strawberries?
How to prolong the life of strawberries?

How to Extend the Life of Strawberries with Vinegar and Water?

With the onset of summer, a lot of berries and fruits appear in our refrigerators. To make them live a few weeks longer, you need to follow simple rules. The method of soaking in vinegar is suitable not only for strawberries, but also for cherry plums, cherries and strawberries. The vinegar will kill bacteria and fungal spores on the surface of the berries and prevent them from re-emerging.

What do you need?

Take half a glass of uscus and 2 glasses of boiled, cold water;
Select all rotten berries and, if possible, do not tear off the tails from the strawberries;
Place strawberries in a container or saucepan and cover with vinegar and water;
Let the strawberries brew for 2 hours;
Pour solution and rinse strawberries;
Seal strawberries in a tight container or vacuum bags.

The strawberries will now last at least 2-3 weeks longer.

Let me remind you that when frozen, strawberries lose their texture and taste. And when soaked, strawberries will remain intact without losing their taste and vitamins.