Since 1995
About Our Group of Companies

A group of companies named ‘Lakonia’ was founded in 1995, and since then it has been supplying its products to all Russian regions as well as to the USA, Israel, South Korea, Kasakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Abkhasia.

Products of the EKO brand are produced only out of fresh organic ingredients, i.e. fruit and vegetables that grew in the south of Russia.
Vegetable canned products are produced under the brands of retail food chains and trading companies.
Our vegetable canned products of middle price range are broadly known in southern regions of Russia.
Investment Climate

Our cannery producing plant, that is called ‘Slavyanskij konservnyj kombinat’, is located in Krasnodar region that occupies a leading position by agricultural production in our country.

Cannery production predominates over the other segments of food production in Krasnodar region.

Krasnodar krai occupies the 6th position in the National rating of state of investment climate*.

Krasnodar krai is one of the largest market outlets in Russian Federation thanks to its high population level and tourist demand*.

*According to data provided by the rating agency called ‘Expert’

ruAA is a credit rating of the region. The forecast is stable*

*According to data provided by the rating agency called ‘Expert’

The largest Russian transport hub that includes 9 sea ports (the biggest Russian sea port called Novorossiysk is among them) and an extensive railway network are located on the territory of Krasnodar region.

There are 419 kilometers of roads per 1000 sq km and 3 international airports (Krasnodar, Sochi and Anapa) there.

Gross Regional Product

Dynamics of gross regional product of Krasnodar krai in billion roubles

Our Production Area
OOO ‘Slavyanskij konservnyj kombinat’ is the leader of cannery industry on Kuban by production of canned fruit and vegetables and by processing of vegetables*.
*According to data provided by the Union of cannery manufacturers on Kuban
Production capacities of our plant are about 130 million of cans of preserves per year. The number of processed fresh vegetables is close to 80 thousand tons, and it constitutes 90 % of production of all Kuban agricultural manufacturers.

Supply of fresh vegetables to our factory is provided by Krymskij, Krasnoarmejskij, Kalininskij, Dinskij, Ust-Labinskij, Tihoreckij and other areas of Krasnodar region.

Our own park of trucks

Advantageous geographical position of the factory and its transport accessibility

Our own logistic centers in Moscow and Krasnodar allow to provide stable supply of production to all Russian regions, countries outside the former Soviet Union, CIS and East European Countries

Quality Control

High quality and perfect taste of our products turn out to be the main reason of its competitiveness. That is why on Slavyanskij konservnyj kombinat we control the compliance with the internal standards of production, and in 2018-2019 we invested € 3.5 billion to the upgrading of equipment.

New Equipment

American equipment was bought in order to organise our own canned corn production. It will provide the whole production circle from peeling the cobs of corn to vacuum canning of its grains. Its average production capacity is about 500 cans per minute.

Optic Analyser

On our lines for canned peas and beans production an optic analyser is installed. It is sorting our low quality grains and other organic participles.

Additional X-ray Detectors

Additional x-ray detectors are installed in order to provide double control of cans and searching for inorganic objects inside of them.



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