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EKO – Made in Kuban
According to the results of the competition “Made in Kuban”, EKO products received documentary confirmation of their quality - a diploma and the right to use the trademark “Made in Kuban”. This competition, developed at the initiative of the governor, is being held for the 7th time. Assigning a ...
Why do you feel hungry all the time?
This is all due to the satiety hormone, it reacts to the saturation of our body with nutrients and makes us want to eat. Did you know beans are perfect for your daily snack? It not only helps to increase the feeling of satiety, but also lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.Are you surprised? Then ...
What to eat, what to lose weight?
Do you often ask yourself this question ?!We bring to your attention the program "Doctor HLS" on channel 360. The presenter talks about intermittent fasting and the process of starting autophagy (natural rejuvenation of the body). Can I eat at night? And what products are best for this. Full ...
Roskontrol recommends EKO Pickled Tomatoes for purchase
Roscontrol carried out a quality control of pickled tomatoes. EKO pickled tomatoes are recognized as a quality product and are approved for purchase. Well, if you're wondering why pickled tomatoes prevent strokes and blood clots. Or it is possible or necessary to use pickled tomatoes for ...
About the benefits of beans
Why do you need beans? Anyone who tries to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, goes in for sports, wants to lose weight, gain a toned body, or just wants to recharge and look and feel much better, you must first of all pay special attention to your diet - it should be varied and balanced but at the ...
Meet the new product from EKO!
Finnish beetroot appetizer! Beets are a favorite vegetable in Scandinavian countries. Traditionally, a salad is prepared from it, for example, in Finland it is called Punajuurisalaatti, each housewife has her own recipe. The main thing that unites these recipes is the combination of the mild ...
GC “Lakonia” took part in the exhibition “Prodexpo”
The Lakonia group of companies took part in the international food exhibition Prodexpo, held in Moscow from 11 to 15 February 2019. At the company's stand were presented products under the EKO and Solvita brands, as well as private label products of large retail chains. At the exhibition, ...
Domodedovo administration representatives visited the Lakonia Group of Companies
The head of the city district of Domodedovo, Alexander Dvoynykh, and the chairman of the Council of Deputies, Leonid Kovalevsky, examined the objects of the company's warehouse and recreational infrastructure. As a result of the meeting, Domodedovo's official website noted that Lakonia Group of ...
Plum compote EKO recognized as quality experts Moscow24
Experts Kirill and Andrey Eikhfusy checked the compotes of five brands from the assortment of the nearest supermarket. EKO plum compote, as well as cornel, cherry, raspberry and dried apricot compotes have passed laboratory analysis. As a result, three samples received comments due to the high ...