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Meet the new product from EKO!
Meet the new product from EKO!

Finnish beetroot appetizer!

Beets are a favorite vegetable in Scandinavian countries. Traditionally, a salad is prepared from it, for example, in Finland it is called Punajuurisalaatti, each housewife has her own recipe.

The main thing that unites these recipes is the combination of the mild taste of beets with bright notes of sweetness, pungency and acidity.

Finnish beetroot appetizer is our version of the traditional salad. It is perfect as an independent dish for a festive table and for a daily snack, combined with meat, potatoes or just black bread.

In the recipe for an EKO snack, everything is natural: beets, carrots, onions, tomato paste, garlic and spices. The taste is both balanced and multifaceted.

Quite a few works have been written about the benefits of beets for the human body. Its beneficial properties are revealed precisely during heat treatment. Boiled beets are necessary for children, the elderly, athletes and those who are losing weight, and in general for everyone who cares about their health and beauty.