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Bohemian cabbage with mushrooms
Bohemian cabbage with mushrooms

Cabbage has a special place in Czech cuisine, most often served as a side dish with pork or added to stews. Boiled cabbage in Czech ECO style, harmoniously complemented by fried mushrooms, will pleasantly surprise you with its spicy taste.


Капуста белокочанная, лук репчатый, грибы, морковь, томатная паста, масло подсолнечное рафинированное дезодорированное, сахар, соль, зелень, пряности, регулятор кислотности – уксусная кислота

Calcium is necessary for the formation of bones and teeth, the regulation of cardiac and nervous activity.
Potassium regulates the water balance of cells, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart muscle.
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B1 is important for the heart muscles. This vitamin has a function of the transmission of electrical nerve signals.
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B2 keeps skin, nails and hair healthy.
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